Today, modern implantology techniques open up many new possibilities in dental care, ranging from treaments for diastemas, exposed tooth necks to the professional treatment of toothless jawbones. The patient may choose from fixed or removable dentures. Fixed denture offer the comfort of a fixation of dentures in the jawbone. This results in better perfusion of the bone structure and highly reduces bone resorption. Fixed dentures will last for many years to come if the patient follows all advices for the correct dental hygiene procedures. Two types of different implants according to the patient's condition should be named: the three-part and the two-part implant system. We will counsel you on the best alternative for you by reference to implant models. The titan screws used for fixed dentures are fully integrated in the patients bone structure within 3-6 months and are later on provisioned with corresponding abutments and crowns or full dentures. In some cases bone reconstructions are require for a secure fixation of implants. We are happy to counsel you on your individual dental plan and will always have an ear for any of your questions.